About - James Card
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James Card is a writer and fly-fishing guide based in central Wisconsin.

His journalism has appeared in The New York Times, Rolling Stone, The Wall Street Journal, The Drake, Earth Island Journal, National Geographic News, Salon, the Christian Science Monitor, Field & Stream, Yale Environment 360, and other publications.

James has written three A1 feature stories that appeared on The New York Times’ front page. They were about a no-kill deer hunting competition, a man that built a moat around his house to prevent flooding and dope testing in the World Ice Fishing Championship.

He lived in South Korea for twelve years while working as a freelance journalist and fly fishing guide and he relocated back to the United States with his family in the autumn of 2009.

He lives with is wife, son, and an American water spaniel along the banks of the Tomorrow River where he guides fly fishing trips on a part-time and seasonal basis.

Twitter: @james__card