AWOL Mistake - James Card
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AWOL Mistake

Backstory: While living in South Korea I did some foreign correspondence reporting for Foreign Policy magazine. I wrote a book review of “To Tell the Truth” by Charles Robert Jenkins with Jim Frederick. It’s the story of Jenkins deserting the army in 1965 while stationed along the DMZ. He ends up in North Korea and pretty much spends the rest of his life there under shitty conditions—as you would expect.

This book review was published in the November/December 2006 issue of Foreign Policy. It was one of three issues that were submitted for the National Magazine Award for General Excellence. Foreign Policy was a finalist in that category that year. It was great to play a small part in creating a magazine that would be a contender for the industry’s highest honor. Click on the title below to read the review.


November 1, 2006


Foreign Policy