Carp Killer - James Card
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Carp Killer

Backstory: I remember at the end of the day when we pulled ashore. Chris had slaughtered a lot of invasive carp with this bow and arrow but many carp killed themselves. He went over to the motor well, the area near the stern where the battery and gas tank is usually stored. In most fishing boats this is hollow or indented space. It was filled with dead carp. They landed in the well and were unable to flop themselves out. He pulled out one, and another and another and another and another. “What do we do with these things?” he asked. “Grind them up for cat food?” He was right. It was a shame that such huge amounts of fish protein were going to waste.

I later told my neighbor about this story while drinking some beer around a campfire. He was pretty keen on turning this abundance of carp into a profit-making venture. His plan was to sell the carp to zoos to feed polar bears. Polar bears, you see, are in trouble because of a warming climate. Therefore, many are likely to end up in captivity and they will need something to eat. They will eat these invasive carp. So far his business has not been launched. Click on the title below to read the story.


October 13, 2009


The New York Times