Salmon Sham - James Card
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Salmon Sham

Backstory: Pardon the pun but I knew something was fishy about this South Korean salmon festival. The idea behind it was to celebrate the return upriver migration of the spawning dog salmon (Oncorhynchus keta). However, if you poke around downriver like I did, you will find a net spanning the river that leads to a government fisheries facility where the salmon are caught and milked for their eggs and sperm. Those are combined and the salmon fry are reared artificially. There is hardly any natural reproduction. The best memory from this trip was camping out down by the mouth of the river after a day of reporting and making a huge bonfire. The salmon in the photo is a sea-run cherry trout (Oncorhynchus masou) which also migrate up the river. The next day I went far upstream and caught some landlocked cherries with my fly rod. Click on the title below to read it.


November 3, 2006


National Geographic News